50 Fascinating Chocolate Facts

50 chocolate facts
50 chocolate facts

Fascinating Facts about Chocolate origin, its history, types, imports and exports

Hi Foodies!! We all love chocolates from the depth of our hearts. It can be dark chocolate, sweet chocolate, milk chocolate, chocolate drink or chocolate candy. All these are loved in one form or another by billions of people worldwide. Here is a list of 50 Fascinating Chocolate Facts that you will love for sure and will thank me later-

Chocolate Fact #1] The blond chocolate is a rare chocolate variety. The common ones include milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolates.

Chocolate Fact #2] The first chocolate bar was invented in 1847 by Joseph Fry (company name – J. S. Fry & Sons, Ltd)

Chocolate Fact #3] In 1853, J. S. Fry & Sons, Ltd created first filled chocolate sweet, Cream Sticks.

Chocolate Fact #4] In early 1700s, in Jamaica, Sir Hans Sloane thought of mixing milk with cocoa drink to make the drink palatable. Before than, no one thought of mixing milk with cocoa, sounds strange , right?

Chocolate Fact #5] In 1852, Sam German invented a style of sweet baking chocolate, so it was named German Chocolate.

Chocolate Fact #6] American Chef Ruth Jones Graves Wakefield, in 1930, created chocolate chip cookies when she mixed nestle chocolate pieces in the cookie dough because she ran out of baker’s chocolate.

Chocolate Fact #7] Theobroma cacao aka cacao tree(cocoa tree) were first discovered in the Amazon river basin and in Venezuelan Andes.

Chocolate Fact #8] In Barcelona, Spain (year 1991) , a model ship was crafted out of chocolate . It measured 42.5 feet x 28 feet x 8 feet, yes that is a big big chocolate ship.

Chocolate Fact #9] Chocolate reached Europe on 7th July 1550 for the first time. So, this day is celebrated in UK as National Chocolate Day.

Chocolate Fact #10] In 1875, Daniel Peter (a Swiss chocolatier) created milk chocolate in Switzerland by mixing powdered milk and chocolate after 8 years of effort.

Fascinating Chocolate Facts
50 Fascinating Chocolate Facts

Chocolate Fact #11] The world chocolate consumption was 7.2 million tons in 2009.

Cacao beans were considered more valuable than gold

Chocolate Fact #12] A Spanish Bishop was killed by poisonous chocolate in 17th century which was given to him because he banned eating chocolates during the church services.

Chocolate Fact #13] Nestle started manufacturing chocolate products which becoming the company’s second most profit making production line activity in 1920s.

Chocolate Fact #14] In 1861, on Valentine’s Day, Richard Cadbury is known to made first heart-shaped chocolate box.

Chocolate Fact #15] Cacao seeds were used a form of currency by the Aztecs.

Chocolate Fact #16] Moctezuma II (9th ruler of the Aztec Empire) was offered 50 golden bowls of chocolate drink (called chocolatl) in 1519. Since then it became the Emperor’s favorite drink.

Chocolate Fact #17] In 16th century, cacao beans were considered more valuable than gold in Aztec Civilization.

Chocolate Fact #18] The global chocolate market increased to $106 billion in year 2019. The industry is
expected to grow further to touch 147 billion dollars by the end of year 2025.

Chocolate Fact #19] The Candy bar protest ( 5 cent war ) was started by Canadian children in Ladysmith, British Columbia over candy price hike (from 5 cents to 8 cents ) in 1947. The protest was short lived.

Chocolate Fact #20] In 2013, a study pointed out that chocolate smell was found to make customers 40% more likely to buy books in a bookstore, especially cookbooks / romance novels.

A 100-year old Cadbury chocolate bar was sold for $687

Chocolate Fact #21] In UK, to celebrate Thornton’s 100th birthday, a chocolate bar was created which weighed 12770 lbs (approx 5792 kilograms).

Chocolate Fact #22] In 2001, a 100-year old Cadbury chocolate bar was sold for $687 at an auction. It is world’s most expensive chocolate bar.

Chocolate Fact #23] One of the preferred post-workout drink is chocolate milk. It helps in workout recovery.

Chocolate Drink and Facts
50 Fascinating Chocolate Facts – Chocolate Drink and Facts

Chocolate Fact #24] The quantity of caffeine in dark chocolates can be as much as a coca-cola can.

Until 1921, the HERSHEY’S KISSES chocolate were wrapped by hand

Chocolate Fact #25] In a study on 1208 people. it was found that most of them shared their passwords
with strangers in exchange for small gifts (chocolates).

Chocolate Fact #26] The total chocolate sales in holiday season is 24 percent of total annual chocolate
sales in America, Valentine’s Day is the 3rd biggest holiday in terms of chocolate sales.

Chocolate Fact #27] HERSHEY’S produces 70 million kisses every single day, yes that’s a lot of kisses for 1 day.

Chocolate Fact #28] As per a theory, the name HERSHEY’S “KISSES” was given on the sound the chocolate makes during the manufacturing.

Chocolate Fact #29] Until 1921, the HERSHEY’S KISSES chocolate were wrapped by hand, yes, every single one of them.

Chocolate Fact #30] Hershey manufactured and packed over a billion chocolate bars for the U.S Army
between 1941 and 1945, in an effort to provide a food that should taste better than boiled potato.

Chocolate Fact #31] With the addition of almond products in the Hershey’s production line, it became
the largest almond buyer in entire North America.

Chocolate Fact #32] The first milk chocolate bar was introduced in 1897 by Cadbury. Also, Cadbury was the
first company that remain closed on all bank holidays.

Chocolate Fact #33] Napoleon is known for carrying chocolate with him, which he used to enjoy
when he felt low on energy and needed a boost.

Chocolate Fact #34] 7 million+ chocolate chips are consumed annually worldwide.

Chocolate Fact #35] In Greek, The name of chocolate tree ,Theobroma cacao,actually means “food of the gods”

Pure Cocoa can help prevent tooth decay

Chocolate Fact #36] Red wine has 200 flavor compounds and chocolate has about 500 to 600, that is 3 times more flavor compounds than wine.

Chocolate Fact #37] The Mayans are said to be the first to harvest the seeds from cacao trees and make chocolate out of it. Since Aztecs could not grow cacao trees, they traded it.

Chocolate Fact #38] For a major part of chocolate history (around 90%), it was enjoyed as a drink rather than eaten in solid form.

Chocolate Fact #39] Pure cocoa has naturally occurring chemicals that can help fight bacteria that
promotes tooth decay.

Chocolate Fact #40] 40% of the total worldwide production is consumed by Europeans alone.

Cacao trees can live to 200 years

Chocolate Fact #41] Chocolates have Tryptophan(an α-amino acid) which make the mood light. it is an
essential amino acid which cannot be synthesized by the human body. SO it has to be taken in the diet.

Chocolate Fact #42] White chocolates are not exactly chocolates as it contains less than 10% chocolate.
The rest (90%) is daily products and sugar

Chocolate Fact #43] Cacao trees can grow and stay alive up-to two hundred years, out of which it can produce the beans for 25 years.

Chocolate Fact #44] In 19th century, the English used to enjoy hot milk-chocolate as an evening beverage. Also, hot chocolate was suggested in stomach and liver diseases.

Chocolate Fact #45] In Aztec era, a rabbit could be brought in exchange for 8 cocoa beans and a slave for 100 cocoa beans

Chocolate Fact #46] America’s love for chocolate can be estimated by the fact that total 50% of
chocolates are consumed by Americans alone.

Chocolate Fact #47] Germany exported a total of 4.9 billion USD worth of chocolate in 2019, followed by Belgium, traded 3.2 billion USD of chocolate.

Chocolate Fact #48] United States imported 3 billion USD of chocolate in 2019, and france imported
2.2 billion USD of chocolate.

Chocolate Fact #49] Mars Wrigley Confectionery(USA), the largest chocolate company of the world, marked 18 billion USD of sales in year 2019 followed by Ferrero Group (Italy), which registered 13 billion USD of sale.

Chocolate Fact #50] Lindt AG is the best chocolate brand with 4 billion USD in revenue and has employed over 13k employees worldwide.

50 Fascinating Chocolate Facts

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