Coffee: history and facts

Coffee Facts
Coffee Facts

Coffee Facts

Coffee, in my opinion, is less of a drink and more of a religion. Our day starts and ends with it. It is loved and enjoy around the globe and its popularity is only increasing from the time when it originated. Its various varieties have always won our hearts and made us to fell in love with its taste. Coffee always makes a place in our lives, we have work-coffee, relaxing-coffee, meeting-coffee, study-coffee, chatting-coffee, thinking-coffee, nothing-to-do coffee and many more.

So, today we will see some of the interesting facts related to our beloved drink.

Coffee Fact #1 It is believed that coffee originated from Ethiopia. it is in Africa.

Coffee Fact #2 It is interesting to note that a major proportion of coffee is extracted from only 2 coffee plants, still the coffee flavor can vary a lot which depends on the region it is grown in. Due to this, the experts can find out the region of coffee based on the flavor, acidity and aroma it possess.

Coffee Facts
Coffee Facts

Coffee Fact #3 It is so loved that it comes on 2nd in the list of most loved drink after water.

Coffee Fact #4 The coffee beans are the seeds of a berry and it grows on bushes. So, technically, it is a fruit. The coffee beans are of 2 types, Red and Green.

Coffee Fact #5 Coffee takes the second place in the list of largest traded commodities while crude oil holds the first place.

Coffee Fact #6 Coffee is grown in areas where the conditions are favorable. Hawaii is known to be the only state in the American continent where coffee is grown. However, in last a few years, some coffee cultivation is also started in the California state.

Coffee Facts
Coffee Facts

Coffee Fact #7 Coffee can be kept warm 20 percent longer if cream is added to the coffee. This is a must try trick.

Coffee Fact #8 The average amount that is spent on coffee by an average American is around 1000 USD per year, which is the cost of the latest iPhone.

Coffee Fact #9 As per the ICA ( International Coffee Association ), Europe top the list of largest importer of Coffee, whereas USA is the second largest importer.

Coffee Fact #10 Out of all the coffee that is produced on Earth, 50% of that goes to these companies – Sara P&G,Lee,Kraft and Nestle. Can you believe that!!!

Coffee Fact #11 All the coffee lovers thank Brazil everyday, just kidding, actually Brazil is the producer of 40% of the total coffee that is produced in the world.

Coffee Fact #12 Robusta coffee is known to have a harsh flavor , is more acidic and possess a higher level of caffeine.

Coffee Fact #13 On the contrary, Arabica coffee is known to have a lower acidic property and possess a delicate taste.

Coffee Fact #14 On this planet, 2.2 billions cups of coffee are consumed by us everyday.

Coffee Fact #15 Some studies have shown that Coffee helps in lowering the risk of depression.

Coffee Fact #16 Black Ivory Coffee is known to be the most expensive coffee in the world. The price of 1 kilogram of Black Ivory Coffee is about $1100.

Coffee Facts

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