Craving!!! How About Having Rose Falooda At Home (Recipe)

Craving!!! How About Having Rose Falooda At Home

Rose Falooda Recipe

People say winter is the month of eating. Then what about summer, it is the month of having summer drinks!!!! Hahaha

The hotty summer demands some cool cool drinks. So, here we are with Rose Falooda. It is a rich layered summer drink made with milk, sabja seeds, vermicelli and skillfully topped up with an ice cream scoop of your choice. You don’t have to depend on the market for buying falooda every time, in fact you can make it yours at home itself.

Making falooda at home is very easy when you have gathered all the ingredients. Sabja seeds have lots of health benefits, I guess its body coolant and chia seeds have lots of dietary fiber too. So for summer, it cools you even from the inside. While vermicelli is easily digestible making it another reason to have rose falooda. There can be several versions of Rose Falooda recipes, now here is mine and you will definitely find it easy to make.

So, let’s start

Rose Falooda Recipe Ingredients

250 ml milk

2 ice cream scoops 

6 tbsp rose syrup

1/4 cup rice vermicelli

2 tsp chia seeds or sabza seeds

1 tsp of almonds and pistachio crushed/chopped

3 cups water

Rose Falooda Recipe Ingredients
Rose Falooda Recipe Ingredients

Rose Falooda Recipe: Step By Step

  • Soak chia seeds in a cup of water for 15 mins and set aside. Drain excess water with use of a metal strainer.
  • Meanwhile boil 1/4 cup rice vermicelli in 2 cups water until soft. Rinse it well, drain and set aside
  • Boil 250 ml milk, cool down, mix 6 tbsp rose syrup to make rose milk. Mix well, transfer to a jug.
  • Take a serving glass and get ready with your ingredients.
  • First add a layer of rose syrup.
  • Then add a layer of boiled rice vermicelli. To this add a layer of sabja seeds or chia seeds .
  • Now add chilled rose milk. This will come to 3/4th of the glass.
  • Now scoop vanilla ice cream or any other flavour you like and add it.
  • Rose Falooda is ready. Serve chilled.

Rose Falooda Recipe TIPS:

  • Rose jelly can be added in this.
  • Glazed cherries can be used for garnish too or some tutti frutti.
  •   If you are adding rose essence then add sugar.

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