Delicious Remoulade Sauce Recipe

Hi Foodies!! Hope you liked the soup recipe we published last time. Today, we will see how to make Remoulade Sauce. It is a extremely simple recipe. The only part that will take some time is collecting all the ingredients. After that, the recipe difficulty level is easier than easy, trust me on this.

Mayonnaise makes the base of Remoulade Sauce. If you have traveled to Louisiana or planning to travel there, you will be surprised to find that everyone there has a recipe of their own for making this popular sauce.

Remoulade Sauce Recipe Ingredients

The main ingredient of this sauce is mayonnaise which makes the base of this sauce, as we have mentioned before. Then we will have a quarter cup of mustard. In the list of spices that we need, sweet paprika is the one, then we will require 1-2 tbsp of Cajun seasoning along with 1 tbsp of prepared horseradish. Further we will take a garlic clove(large preferred) and 1 tbsp of pickle juice. 1 tbsp of hot sauce is also in the ingredient list.

Mayonnaise (1 cup and a quarter)Mustard (1 quarter of a cup)
Sweet Paprika (1 tbsp)Pickle juice (1 tbsp)
Hot sauce(1 tbsp)Cajun seasoning/Creole seasoning (1 tbsp)
prepared Horseradish(1-2 tbsp)1 Garlic clove (smashed)
Remoulade Sauce Recipe Ingredients
Remoulade Sauce Recipe Ingedients - Mayonnaise
Remoulade Sauce Recipe Ingedients – Mayonnaise
Remoulade Sauce Recipe Ingedients - Tarragon
Remoulade Sauce Recipe Ingedients – Tarragon
Remoulade Sauce Recipe Ingedients - Parsley
Remoulade Sauce Recipe Ingedients – Parsley

Delicious Remoulade Sauce Recipe: Step by step

Remoulade Sauce Recipe Step #1] Take a bowl of medium size. Add all the ingredients to the bowl and mix well.

Remoulade Sauce Recipe Step #2] Cover the bowl and leave it for a few hours. It will allow the ingredients to blend together to give the authentic flavor.

Remoulade Sauce Recipe Step #3] After a few hours, refrigerate the bowl.

Remoulade Sauce Recipe Step #4] The tasty Remoulade Sauce is ready to be served. Cheers!!

Remoulade Sauce Recipe Step 4
Remoulade Sauce Recipe Step 4

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