Ginger Facts

Ginger Facts
Ginger Facts

Ginger Facts: The spice and the Medicine

Hi Foodies!! we have seen ginger play many important roles in our lives, right from being the spice to the medicinal plant with various health benefits. It is used in various recipes and drinks. We are going to explore the interesting facts about his magical plant.

Ginger Fact #1] Gingifer – The word “ginger” originated from old English. Further, it is believed to be originally adopted from Old French (gingibre).

Ginger Fact #2] Ginger is a actually an Angiospermae (flowering plant), the root of which is employed both as a spice and medicine.

Ginger Fact #2] The scent (smell) of Ginger is due to the oils contained in it, which are approximately one to three percent of the total weight of Ginger.

Interesting Ginger Facts
Interesting Ginger Facts

Ginger Fact #3] Among the list of spices that were exported from Asia in the early times, Ginger is said to be the first.

Ginger Fact #4] In history texts, it is mentioned that Confucius (yes, the Chinese philosopher and politician; Born 551 BC) used to have ginger before his meals. He mentioned that ginger removes dampness and excess intestinal gas that is present in the stomach.

Ginger Fact #5] Not only Confucius, even Faxian (the monk) mentioned in his texts that Ginger was taken by the sailors on Chinese ships as it prevents lack of Vitamin C in the body

Ginger Fact #6] Ginger was so expensive in England in 14th Century, one pound (453 grams) of Ginger could buy you a sheep (yes, a real full-sized Sheep).

Ginger Fact #7] The consumption of ginger can be estimated by its global production stats. 2.8 million tonnes of Ginger was the total global production of the world in 2018. India produced 32% of the total global ginger production, China-19% and Nepal-13%.

Ginger Facts - Used in making Ginger Beer
Ginger Facts – Used in making Ginger Beer

Ginger is 78 percent water

Ginger Fact #8] No thick gravy in Indian cuisine is complete without Ginger, same is the case with many other Indian dishes (veg and non-veg).

Ginger Fact #9] In Burma, Ginger is used in the famous Burmese Ginger Salad. Not only this, Ginger is also used in the popular Jamaican Ginger Cake.

Ginger Fact #10] Water is the major part of Ginger (79%) followed by 18% carbohydrates, with protein (2%) and 1 percent of fat. It also contains magnesium, manganese and Vitamin B6.

Ginger is an excellent antioxidant

Ginger Fact #11] Ginger as an antioxidant: A high level of antioxidants are found in Ginger. Some studies shows that Ginger helps in decreasing lipid per-oxidation.

Ginger Facts - Ginger Bread Cake
Ginger Facts – Ginger Bread Cake

Ginger Fact #12] Ginger is used in many Ayurvedic medicines, for treating joint pain, air sickness and motion sickness, clearing digestive track, removal of toxic waste from body, etc

Ginger Fact #13] Ginger in curbing nausea and vomiting: Ginger is found to be useful in cases of nausea and vomiting.

Ginger Facts #14] Ginger possess Zerumbone, which helps in reducing the contraction of air passage’s smooth muscles, thus helping in asthma condition.

Ginger Fact 15] Ginger also helps to reduce the blood glucose while fasting. A study also shows that Ginger intake can protect you from becoming obese.

Ginger Facts #16] In UK, ginger is used in the production of Ginger Wine, and that is fascinating.

Ginger Facts #17] Not only his, there is a island (of about 255 acres) in the Caribbean which is known as Ginger Island.

Ginger Facts

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