Guess Your Nature By Your Tea Cup

Guess Your Nature By Your Tea Cup
Guess Your Nature By Your Tea Cup

Listen What Cup Of Tea Wants To Say

How are you all..!!!! Had your morning tea??? Or just having it and reading us. So, we are back with you over morning tea to talk some more, something interesting. Today our bucket is full of some refreshing yet very amazing information for you, which you will definitely find interesting and connecting to read. You may be wondering about what is it ?? 

If this is coffee, please bring me some tea; but if this is tea, please bring me some coffee.

Abraham Lincoln

Today we are going to tell you about your nature by your Tea Cup. Isn’t it interesting..!!!!Maybe you are laughing after reading this, let us tell you, then you will be convinced. It is always said that the things we do reflect our personality and so happens with the things you use as well. Have a look on how a cup of tea says something about you and your nature.

Let’s read:

  • People who like Simple and Simple Cup means that they like to live life without any disturbance or trouble. At the same time it also tells that those people make a definite goal before starting any work and then proceed on the same.
  • People who like the Different Colors Cup believe in living their life in an exciting way. They have absolutely positive thinking and move on from that.
  • People who like Dark Color Cups are said to be open minded. Such people do not like to waste time on unnecessary tasks.
  • People who like Different Shape and Size Cup live their life with great enthusiasm. It is said that they have amazing leadership skills.
  • People who like Cartoon Design Cup, they are very close to their family. And especially their love for children is amazing.
  • People who are creative and honest personality, they like the Flower-Designed Cup.
  • People who like to drink tea in a Cup with a Saucer, they are told to believe in learning new things with new trends.

Morning Tea

So now you tell what kind of cup you like.., and is this not according to your nature?

There are more things ahead, for now..

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