History of Tea: Journey of Tea from King’s Palace To Europe and other Countries

History Of Tea
History Of Tea

History of Tea

How are you all.!!!! Did you have your tea today; there should always be an excuse for tea. Right….!!! For tea lovers a cup of tea is like a cup of nectar behind which everyone is engaged. But have you ever thought that this tasty tea without which we could not imagine our morning originated from.

After all, who was the first person to have tea. So here we go, it is said that once a Chinese monk was meditating. He started feeling tired during his austerity, so he drank hot water kept nearby. But as soon as he drank hot water, he felt some taste and he also felt a sense of excitement.

He wondered how it happened with ordinary water. He immediately noticed that some leaves had fallen in the vessel in which the water was heating, and you would be surprised to know that the leaves were not of any tree but of tea.

So the birth of tea happened. Now taking you to some pages of the history of tea let us tell you about the history of tea. Actually, after drinking tea of ​​the monk, the king there also drank that water. When the king drank the drink a little, he liked the taste of it.


And then has the tea journey started from the palace of a king, which has reached every corner of the world today. Gradually, tea emerged from the palace of the king and became the favorite beverage of China.

Tea from Japan reached the countries of Europe

After many years, a Buddhist guru somehow found out the secret of tea and went to Japan and told everyone the recipe. Then what happened in Japan, people became addicted to tea sips. Tea from Japan reached the countries of Europe where people of England also started enjoying tea.

Story Of The Tea
Story Of The Tea
Journey Of Tea
Journey Of Tea

It is said that this incident must have been around 1610 AD, when a Dutch merchant took tea from China to Europe and from then on wards tea became the favorite drink of the whole world. Tea became very popular during the 18th century, especially in North America and European countries.

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