#Mother Care: Most Rewarding Experience Incomplete Without Healthy Meals

Mother Care

“Mother Care” FoodieNut will be sharing tips and nutrition ideas

Pregnancy and giving birth to a new life are all biologically programmed things. Becoming a mother makes you feel more joyful.  And a woman has got these super powers in herself. You’ve just implanted another human being in your body. It’s the first time a woman realized that it’s possible to love someone across the parameters. Apart from all the emotional experiences you need to keep in mind since, your body has undergone many changes during pregnancy and birth so, it’s time when you need to recover. In that case in addition to rest, you need to eat a healthy diet as well.

After reading these lines you all may be thinking that we are changing our blogs topic???? But no!!! We are just adding one more category to read. Under our “Mother Care” category we will be sharing some of the tips and nutrition ideas that a healthy pregnant woman and a new mother needs.

In common practice prior to pregnancy, most women are told to avoid a variety of food items. These include a big no to spicy and greasy fatty foods that are generally unhealthy for both mother and child. However, once the delivery is done, it does not mean you can immediately get back to eating whatever you want. Following an Indian diet after pregnancy is also important. It would be great for a mother to know which food items she should consume as a part of a pre and postnatal diet.

Most lactation experts recommend that you eat when you are hungry. So it is important to plan simple yet healthy meals. Self-care is an essential part of being a mother.  See why Postpartum Nourishment is very important.

Here’s why postpartum nourishment is vital.

1. Strength Provider

In the third trimester of pregnancy and even post-delivery weakness is common, Many women are anemic or are iron deficient, which causes them to feel tired and weak. Eating foods rich in iron, such as meat, spinach, legumes, dates, etc., makes women feel stronger.

2. Breast Milk Enhancer

Healthy food improves the quality of breast milk, whereas unhealthy fats found in fast food, etc., have proven to affect the quality of breast milk. Hence, eating healthy keeps your baby healthy.

3. Avoids Depression

Eating healthy food provides your body with the right nutrients, making you feel healthier, more energetic, and overall, much happier. This will surely help in preventing postpartum depression.

The food you ate for 9 months fuel you and your baby. But after you give birth you have got the responsibility of feeding your child and so your diet is just as important. It helps your body to recover and gives you the energy you need to care for your little one.

Nutritious diet for a mother is divided into 5 food group categories:

  • Grains: Include adequate amounts of foods that are made from wheat, rice, oats, cornmeal, barley, or another cereal grain are grain products.
  • Vegetables: Motherhood demands for a variety of vegetables, including dark green, red, and orange vegetables, legumes and starchy vegetables.
  • Fruits: These are the natural way to boost your health. Fruits in any form either eaten whole or taken as the juice will help you.
  • Milk products: Milk and milk products are considered an important part of this food group. We have to focus on foods that are high in calcium.
  • Protein: You need to choose diets with low-fat or lean meats and poultry. You can choose more fish, nuts, seeds, peas, and beans.

Motherhood is all about realizing that you’re not alone. It is a unique time in your life make it a healthy one.

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