Hi Foodies!! It is said that happiness comes in all shapes and sizes, and so is Pasta. Yes, the food that originated in Italy and loved by the people worldwide comes in various shapes and varieties. Broadly speaking, Pasta can be divided into Fresh Pasta and Dried Pasta. It has been seen to make its mark in history since 1st century AD.

Taking Pasta ingredients into account, it is observed that Pasta dough mostly contains wheat flour/semolina. However, the ingredients change when other regions of Italy are taken into consideration. Along with these, the other ingredients includes rye, rice, barley, buckwheat, chestnut, chickpea flours, as well as maize. Vegetable purees are an addition to the ingredient list along with flour which may have  mushrooms, cheeses, spinach/tomato,spices and herbs.

Its Types

Fresh Pasta is generally prepared with all-purpose flour/low-gluten flours and eggs. It tastes super-delicious when served with cheese, meat or vegetables. In some regions of Italy, the fresh pastas are generally enjoyed with truffles (thinly sliced) and butter sauce.

Dried Pasta, or factory-made pasta, since it requires large machines that possess high processing capabilities to produce huge amounts of pasta . It has a longer shelf life and is shipped to various places far far away. Dried pasta is known to expand on cooking to double its size and as a result,4 people can be served with 1 lb of dried pasta. The longer shelf life is due to the fact that it is dried in low temperatures for many days to obtain moisture-free pasta.

Medium and long size Pasta

  1. Barbine Pasta – it is long and thin strand pasta, which are coiled-nest structure.
  2. Bavette Pasta – it falls in Ribbon pasta category, it has a slight convex shape with a flat section.
  3. Bigoli Pasta – it is part of strand pasta category since it is in the form of long and thick strands
  4. Bucatini/Perciatelli Pasta – it is member of the tubular pasta category and it is tube-shaped.
  5. Busiate / busiati Pasta – it is a kind of long macroni and is coiled like a telephone wire.
  6. Capellini Pasta – it falls in Strand pasta category and it is in the shape of long strands like spaghetti.
  7. Fedelini Pasta – it is also a part of Strand pasta category. It is equal in length when compared to spaghetti and the thickness is greater than vermicelli.
  8. Ferrazzoli Pasta – this pasta is in the form of long and thin strips
  9. Fettuccine Pasta – it is member of Ribbon pasta category, it has a large thick ribbon shape (6.5mm wide)
  10. Fileja Pasta – it is thin ribbon shaped pasta which is coiled around thin cane for hollow screw-like shape
  11. Linguine Pasta – it is part of ribbon pasta category and it is 4mm in width with elliptical section.
  12. Lagane Pasta – it is a ribbon shaped pasta that is cut into wide pieces for the authentic shape.
  13. Lasagna Pasta – it falls into the ribbon pasta category. It comes in rectangle or square sheets with fluted edges.
  14. Lasagnette Pasta – it is part of ribbon pasta category. The shape is similar to Lasagna Pasta but narrower.
  15. Lasagnotte Pasta – it is member of Ribbon pasta category. It is longer pasta version of Lasagna Pasta.
  16. Maccheroni alla molinara Pasta – it is very long and thick shaped with 4-6 mm of diameter.
  17. Maccheroncini di Campofilone Pasta – it is made from egg dough and it has long and very thin strands.
Linguine Pasta
Linguine Pasta
  1. Mafalde – It is in the shape of long rectangular ribbons and the sides are riffled.
  2. Matriciani – Its shape is similar to perciatelli, only difference is that it is folded over.
  3. Pappardelle – It is made from egg-based dough and it has thick flat ribbons shape.
  4. Perciatelli – It is similar to bucatini
  5. Pici – It is rolled by hand. It is irregular in shape, long and very thick.
  6. Pillus – Its shape is like very thick ribbons.
  7. Rustiche – It is of serrated ribbons shape.
  8. Sagne ‘ncannulate – It falls in tabular pasta category. It is long tube shaped ribbons which are twisted.
  9. Scialatielli – It is part of Ribbon pasta category. It is of short and flat ribbons shape.
  10. Spaghetti – It is a member of strand pasta category. Its shape is thin, long and solid cylindrical and it is made from milled wheat and water.
  11. Spaghetti alla chitarra – It falls in strand pasta category. It is made from egg and flour. It is square Spaghetti.

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