Rudraya Foldable Fan Cleaning Duster Review

RUDRAYA Foldable Duster Review
RUDRAYA Foldable Duster Review

Rudraya Foldable Cleaning Duster Review

Cleaning ceiling fans is a challenge. You need a ladder and a lot of effort to clean each blade and ensure that the fan is clean and worth the effort.  With the technology advancement, Rudraya launched a Foldable Fan Cleaning Duster on 14th November 2020. It can make the ceiling fan cleaning process an easy and effortless experience.

RUDRAYA Foldable Duster
RUDRAYA Foldable Duster

Product Specifications

Product Dimensions: 24 x 4 x 1 cm; 200 Grams

Sold Since: 14 November 2020

Manufacturer: RUDRAYA

Country: India

Item Weight: 200 g

Item Dimensions: LxWxH: 24 x 4 x 1 cms

RUDRAYA Foldable Cleaner Duster
Rudraya Foldable Cleaning Duster Review

Product Design

This multipurpose duster has a compact design and is built with microfiber material. It is equipped with a sturdy handle which makes cleaning an easy job.

The cleaner is washable, soft, and durable and that also makes it an ideal choice when we talk about a piece of affordable cleaning equipment.

Product Features

The flexible cleaner head can bend to cover various angles which adds effectiveness to dusting. This can also clean walls, corners, and window-sills.

The intelligent cleaner design provides an extendable handle. It can be extended from a default 10 inches to a maximum of 30 inches.

The equipment can be utilized for cleaning the computer, air conditioner, car, TV, speakers, tables, chairs, sofa, cabinet, and other household items.

 The cleaner is detachable from the handle for effective washing and storage.

The cleaner microfibers can absorb about 8 times the weight in water. It also protects delicate surfaces while cleaning.

RUDRAYA Foldable Cleaning Duster Price

The product is available on Amazon for a price of Rs. 446/-. The original price is Rs. 999. This price makes it a super affordable and must-buy product.

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