Rudraya Wood Kitchen Knife Set Review

Rudraya Kitchen Knife Set Review
Rudraya Kitchen Knife Set Review

Rudraya Kitchen Knife Set Review

Knives are the best friend of a chef. Poet Yevgeny quoted that the knife is the most permanent, the most immortal, the most ingenious of man’s creations. The knife was a guillotine; the knife is a universal means of resolving all knots.

Rudraya brand launched wood kitchen knife set on 8th September 2020. The package comes with 4 knives and 1 pair of scissors. A wooden stand is also included.

Product Design

The stainless-steel knives are built with black handle for proper grip. The knives are forged for getting the job done in one cut.

Rudraya Kitchen Knife Set
Rudraya Kitchen Knife Set

Product Specifications

Product Dimensions: 9 x 7 x 2 centimeters

Sold Since: 8 September 2020

Manufacturer: RUDRAYA

Country of Origin: India

Item Weight: 200 g

Net Quantity: 1 count

Product Features

Boning Knife – It is a kitchen knife which is forged with a narrow blade and sharp point. It is used for removing the bones of fish, meat, and poultry.

Utility Knife – A utility knife is best for chopping small vegetables and fruits. It is used for precise cutting.

Steak Knife – It is built with serrated blades and it is used for the purpose of cutting steak.

Paring Knife – It is forged to both chop and slice the fruits and vegetables.

This set of 4 knives can make cooking both easy and fun. The complete set is sufficient for all the kitchen day to day tasks. The pair of scissors is packed to compliment the knives.

The knife blades are forged for long lasting sharpness and strength.

The knife set is idle for chop, slice and dice meat, vegetables, and fruits.

The blade handle is built to provide superior grip for comfortable use.

Product Price

The knife set comes with a super affordable price tag of Rs. 449/-. It is available on Amazon India.

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