#Diwali Snacks: Spread The Sweetness With Sweet And Crispy Shakkar Pare

Shakkar Pare Recipe
Shakkar Pare Recipe

In the Western part of the country Shakkar Pare are called Shankarpali

Shakkar-Pare Recipe / Shankarpali Recipe

Prep Time: 10 min | Cook Time: 20 min | Total Time: 35 min

Hii Foodies!!! How are you all??? The word Shakkar Pare is not new right!!! In fact it is one of the simple easy snacks which can be prepared with maida flour, sugar, cardamom powder and ghee. These fried North Indian cookies are known as shakkarpara or shakkarpare in the North of India, shankarpali in the Western part of the country. This sweet holiday treat is crisp and crunchy which is prepared especially during diwali festival or during holi as a munching snack. So try this savory recipe of Shakkar Pare during festive time and make your celebrations more sweeter.

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Shakkar Pare Recipe Ingredients

 Shakkar Pare Recipe Ingredient #1 ¼ cup sugar

Shakkar Pare Recipe Ingredient #2 ¼ cup water

Shakkar Pare Recipe Ingredient #3 1 cup all purpose flour (maida)

Shakkar Pare Recipe Ingredient #4 1 tsp semolina (rava)

Shakkar Pare Recipe Ingredient #5 ¼ tsp cardamom powder (elaichi powder)

Shakkar Pare Recipe Ingredient #6 2 tbsp ghee (clarified butter)

Shakkar Pare Recipe Ingredient #7 ½ tsp salt

Shakkar Pare Recipe Ingredient #8 oil for deep frying

Preparation before Recipe

Prepare Dough: In a bowl sieve together 1 cup maida, 1 tsp rava, ¼ tsp cardamom powder, 2 tbsp ghee and ½ tsp salt. While in another bowl dissolve ¼ cup sugar in ¼ cup water and stir it well so that all the sugar gets dissolved. Pour this into the flour mixture, mix well and knead a smooth and soft dough.

Shakkar Pare Recipe - Prepare Dough
Shakkar Pare Recipe – Prepare Dough

Shakkar Pare (shankarpali ) Recipe: Step By Step

Shakkar Pare Recipe: Step #1 Take a small ball from the dough and roll it slightly thick like chapati.

Shakkar Pare Recipe Step 1
Shakkar Pare Recipe Step 1

Shakkar Pare Recipe: Step #2 Now using a knife cut the rolled chapati into diamond shapes, or into the shapes of your choice.

Shakkar Pare Recipe Step 2
Shakkar-Pare Recipe Step 2

Shakkar Pare Recipe: Step #3 Take a pan and heat oil for frying.

Shakkar Pare Recipe: Step #4 Keeping the flame on medium, fry all the diamond shapes cookies in batches. Stir them occasionally.

Shakkar Pare Recipe Step 4
Shakkar-Pare Recipe Step 4

Shakkar Pare Recipe: Step #5 As the cookies turn golden and crisp drain over the kitchen towel and allow them to cool.

Shakkar Pare Recipe: Step #6 Now heat a cup of sugar with little water until the texture is thick.

Shakkar Pare Recipe Step 6
Shakkar-Pare Recipe Step 6

Shakkar Pare Recipe: Step #7 Now add the fried cookies in this sugar solution and keep stirring for 5 minutes.

Shakkar Pare Recipe: Step #8 Turn off the stove and allow the sugar-coated cookies to cool.

Shakkar Pare Recipe: Step #9 Finally your sweet Shakkar Pare are ready to serve and store.

Shakkar Pare Recipe Step 8
Shakkar-Pare Recipe Step 8 and 9

Nutrition Value of Shakkar Pare

Serving Size: 10 Shakkar Pare (28g)

Value Per Serving% Daily Value
Calories from Fat63
Total Fat7g11%
Saturated Fat0.5g3%
Trans Fat0g
Total Carbohydrates15g5%
Dietary Fiber0g
Vitamin A0%
Vitamin C0%
Nutrition Value of Shakkar-Pare

* Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet and Nutrition value is a rough estimate for Shakkar Pare.

Shakkar Pare (shankarpali ) Recipe Frequently Asked Questions

Can we use Semolina (Rava) in Shakkar Pare?

Yes!!! It will make them crispier.

What is Shakkar Pare made of?

Shakkar Pare is fried snack made all purpose flour (maida), semolina (rava), sooji (semolina), sugar and ghee.

Can we give some other shape to Shakkar Pare?

Yes!!! If you want you can give different shapes to your Shakkar Pare.

Can Shakkar Pare be baked?

Yes!!! It can be baked.

Does Shakkar Pare help in weight gain?

Yes!! If you eat in large amounts it can gain your weight.

Can Shakkar Pare eaten in fast?

No!! it is not eaten in fast.

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