Tea Nostalgia: Importance of Tea in Our Rambunctious life


How can you say our life is complete without a cup of tea. Now you will think how?? Hey hey hey…. Do you know till date no discussion has been completed without tea. It can never and never happen.

It is only tea, on the pretext of which we steal a little gossip, some lovely sweet talk, some relaxed relaxing moments from this rambunctious life. Tea is a very important part of our life. It can be a morning alarm for someone, and a fun evening for someone.


Tea With Friends Is Gossip Time

For some, it can be an excuse to meet friends, and for someone to take a break from studies.

They say that a cup of tea with friends is gossip time, and files are disposed of at the office table, just like this, whatever be the reason, one common thing in all of them is tea.

No matter where you go in our India, once you have trouble eating, maybe you do not like the food of any place, but you can find tea everywhere, which you will surely like.

Then there is sugar free tea. herbal tea or hot crackled spicy tea if you too are a tea lover, then you must have understood it very well.

Tea - The Refreshing Drink
Tea – The Refreshing Drink

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