#Tricolor Recipes: Celebrate National Festivals With Our Patriotic List of Dishes Tricolor Recipes: easy and delicious food recipes that are naturally tri-coloured

Tricolor Recipes

Hii Foodies!!! How are you all??? Today we have something great for you. Can anyone guess??? Actually today we are giving you a reason to celebrate with our vivid dishes. No no no we are not at all celebrating our birthday. In fact we are celebrating our India’s National Festivals. Be it Republic Day (26th Jan) or Independence Day (15th Aug) or Gandhi Jayanti (2nd Oct), you can celebrate each one with our tricolor recipes. National holiday is not just a day; it’s a day when a nation celebrates very important events.

Tricolor is the color of Pride it’s not just a color it is Paradise

We are sure you all would be excited to celebrate these special occasions. So, we are here with a patriotic list of festive dishes that will make your special day more special. The best thing is these tricolor recipes are made by natural ingredients and are naturally tricolored. So don’t just celebrate it like another day but give it a patriotic touch and try these tricolor recipes that are extremely delicious yet easy to make. Check out the whole list of Tricolor Recipes

Tricolor Recipes

Tricolor Sandwich

Sandwiches are very easy to make. You just need bread and different ingredients to give it flag colors. For a tricolor sandwich you can use mint and coriander chutney for imparting green color, for orange you can use ketchup sauce and for the white color we can use cheese slice, cheese spread, paneer or mayonnaise etc.

Tricolor Bread Pakora

Just wrap a tricolor sandwich in besan batter and fry it to get Tricolor Bread Pakora. Serve it with sauce or chutney

Tricolor Rice

Rice is something that everyone loves, so try making this rice by giving it vibrant 3 colors. For green, you can use mint and coriander chutney or spinach puree, for orange you can use saffron or grated carrot and rice is already white in color.

Tricolor Idli

These are also a perfect option to make. For orange idli, you can use grated carrots and add it in the idli batter before steaming. For green idlis, you can use spinach and add it to the idli batter. Serve it with white coconut chutney or coconut tomato chutney.

Tricolor Pasta

You can prepare the tricolor pasta which is available in the market. You can also use a lot of vegetables like carrots, broccoli, and onions to make your tricolor pasta extra delicious.

Tricolor Dhokla

This is another great patriotic snack made using idli batter for white color and besan batter for both green (mix spinach puree) and orange (using saffron or grated carrot) color.

Tricolor Puri

Make dough in three different colors and make puri out of it.

Tricolor Dosa

Give your regular dosa a patriotic look. For orange dosa, you can use carrots, just grate carrots and add it in the dosa batter before making. For green dosa, you can use spinach and add it to the dosa batter before making.

Tricolor Salad

Use cucumber, broccoli, carrot, onion or radish to make your Tricolor Salad  

Tricolor Drink

Use 3 glasses 1 of khas sharbat, 1 of nimbu pani and 1of tang to get your Tricolor Drink

Tricolor is the color of every Indians heart and soul

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